What happens when I downgrade or cancel my Norby plan?

Here’s how we handle your data, and what you need to know.

You can downgrade your Norby plan by navigating to the Account & Settings menu from the dropdown at the top right of the window:



Certain account features like multiple Landing Pages and team members are only available on higher tiers. If applicable, Norby will check to see if you have more than one landing page, multiple events or multiple team members associated with your account. If you do, you’ll have to remove those team members and unpublish extra Landing pages before you are allowed to proceed. You will still have access to Analytics, Contacts, Registrations from past events, etc.


If you are downgrading to Free from either Growth or Pro, you’ll lose your designated Norby phone number; if you upgrade to one of those tiers at a later date, you’ll be assigned a new Norby phone number.


When you cancel your Norby plan, you are automatically switched to our Free plan.

  • The Free plan includes the following:
    • 1 landing page
    • 2 events
    • 1 team member
    • Unlimited signups
    • SMS limit capped at 10 messages
    • Email limit capped at 50 emails
    • Inbox only shows messages from the last 7 days


Failed Payment

  • When a payment fails, we will send multiple email communications and try to charge the card on file periodically for up to 3 weeks. Failure to pay after 3 weeks results in a cancellation of your subscription
  • If you are being downgraded because of a failed account payment, Norby will automatically keep only your Homepage and the Owner of your account. Other pages will be unpublished and other team members will be removed.
  • Your events and signups will remain unchanged and you’ll be able to have up to 2 live events at a time. The rest of your events and signups cannot be edited unless you delete a live event and select another one to publish.

For more information on how to downgrade or cancel your account, click here.