How do I change or cancel my Norby plan?

Upgrading your Norby plan is easy.

To change or cancel your Norby account, please follow these steps:

  • From the Norby dashboard, navigate to the right hand corner menu.

  • Hover over your profile photo to generate the dropdown menu.

  • Select the Account & Settings option.




    To Change Your Plan:

    • Select your desired plan and follow the prompts to complete your change. Find full details around what’s included in each plan on our pricing page.

    • You can also add or remove payment methods and choose whether you pay monthly or annually. These changes will take effect immediately.



    To Cancel Your Plan:

    • From the Account & Settings page, scroll down to the bottom to the Cancel section.
    • From the Cancel section, click on the link to cancel and follow the prompts to complete your cancellation.
    • Your account will then be bumped down to the free plan and you will lose your designated Norby number if you opted to have one. If you upgrade to another Norby tier at a later date, you’ll be assigned a new Norby number.
    • The Free plan includes the following:
      • 1 landing page
      • 2 events
      • 1 team member
      • SMS limit capped at 10 messages
      • Email limit capped at 50 emails
      • Inbox only shows messages from the last 7 days
    • Certain account features like multiple Landing Pages and team members are only available on higher tiers. For more information on what happens when you downgrade or cancel your Norby plan, check out this how-to guide.