Do I need to use Bitly or other link tracking on Norby?

Norby's link analytics tools make gathering audience data seamless.

With Norby's analytics tools, you can easily track links without the need for services like Bitly or UTM parameters in your emails, texts, or event notifications. Any links you share will be automatically shortened and analytics enabled.

While you can still use Bitly to create your own short links, please note that using a Bitly link on Norby will not result in another shortlink. This means that you will need to rely on Bitly's analytics tools to track conversions, and you won't be able to see click-throughs on a user-by-user basis.

We strongly advise against using Bitly links in SMS messages as they are often flagged for spam by telecom carriers. Additionally, using a Bitly link means losing our link analytics tracking capabilities.

A Word of Caution for SMS Messages

In our commitment to your success, Norby now issues a precautionary advisory when users attempt to insert a Bitly link into an SMS send. This advisory underscores the common occurrence of Bitly links being filtered by carriers, resulting in potential deliverability issues.

Here's our tip: It's often better to use the original link and let Norby make it shorter for you. This way, you'll avoid carrier problems and get better tracking information.

If you want to dig deeper into how Norby's analytics work, check out our detailed guide on link analytics.


*Last updated 9/19/2023*