Norby AI Beta

As you start to use Norby’s new AI tools, please let us know your thoughts and share any feedback you have with our Customer Success team.

Welcome to the Norby AI Beta, the latest addition to the Norby toolkit that harnesses the power of artificial intelligence to enhance your workflows. With the AI Beta, you can expect a whole new level of efficiency, productivity, and convenience when using Norby.

The Norby AI Beta is designed to help streamline the way you work, whether you're a community builder trying to optimize your growth operations or a busy entrepreneur trying to simplify your daily tasks.

The first workflow we're launching as part of the Norby AI Beta is Events AI. You can read more about how to take advantage of this via this link.

In the near future, we will also be rolling out the AI Beta to Norby’s Signups, Sends, and Landing Pages features. We’ll be in touch with updates as we have them to share!

Keep in mind that these AI additions are optional to use, so if you do not want to try them out it will have no impact on your usage of Norby. However, we do hope that you’ll take advantage of these time saving additions to our product. We're excited to hear your feedback!