Tracking your monthly SMS usage

Regardless of your Norby plan, you have a certain amount of SMS messages included in your monthly subscription. Now we'll go over how your monthly SMS message allotment is calculated so you can plan accordingly.

Below is a breakdown of the SMS messages that are included in each of Norby plans.

Growth Pro Business
200 2000 Custom


  • Outbound SMS messages - Whenever you, or a member of your team, sends out an SMS message from either Norby's Inbox or Sends feature this counts as an outbound message and is deducted from your monthly allotment depending on your plan

    In order to maximize your monthly SMS allotment, you will want to keep messages to fewer than 160 characters. If your message is more than 160 characters it will count as an additional message(s) towards your overall message count. For example, a message with 500 characters counts as four messages and that is multiplied by the number of recipients.

Scenario: A message with 500 characters with 50 recipients.

4 messages x 50 recipients = 200 messages

  • Inbound SMS messages - Whenever a member of your audience reacts or responds to an SMS message that you sent out, it will count as message towards your monthly allotment. We'll go over a few examples of what this may look like below.
    • Scenario 1: Someone reacts to your SMS message (ex: thumbs up or heart).

    • Scenario 2: Someone responds to your SMS message (ex: Thank you).

  • Notifications & Reminders - If you have an event scheduled and you've enabled SMS registration confirmations and/or event reminders those messages will also count towards your monthly SMS allotment. This is also true for any SMS messages that are set up to go out when someone has registered for a signup via keyword text. Additionally, if you've set up any confirmation SMS messages for that signup then it will also count towards your monthly SMS allotment.

Once you have exceeded 25% of your monthly SMS allotment, a tracker will appear on your Norby dashboard to let you know where you stand for that month. Additionally, you can go to the Account & Settings menu and then select Usage to review your monthly SMS usage. Oftentimes, it makes sense to upgrade your Norby plan to avoid any SMS overages. An overage is simply a pay-as-you-go fee for any additional SMS messages you send after reaching your monthly allotment. If applicable, you can review this information on your monthly Norby invoice. Should you have any questions please contact our support team.

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Please note that special characters like emojis take up space and can even be counted as additional segments. For more information on SMS Character Limits, check out this how-to guide.