Signup analytics

Unlock the power of knowing how people are engaging with your Signup block and if they are sharing it via Signup analytics.

To reach the Signups section of your Norby account, please follow this step:

  • From the Norby dashboard, select Signups from the left-hand menu.
  • Next, choose a signup you'd live to review. After hovering over it, the following options will appear - AnalyticsShare, and More.
Image 5-16-23 at 11.58 AM
  • Since we want to assess this signup's performance, let's select Analytics. We'll dive into everything we can do with Link Analytics in the next section.


Overview of Signup Analytics


The signup analytics enable you to review the following items on your signup:

  • Audience
  • Referrers
  • Links
  • Usage

You will land on the Audience section of Signup analytics. From here, you can view:

  • the total number of people who signed up 
  • the total number of people who have shared your signup

As you can see below, all registrants will be listed on this page:

Image 5-16-23 at 11.59 AM

When you click on a registrant, you can view the following items:

  • their confirmation status
  • their date of registration
  • if applicable, answers to any custom fields you added to the Signup

Image 5-16-23 at 12.00 PM

You will also be able to remove (or delete) the signup. Furthermore, you can mute that individual from receiving texts or emails. If necessary, you can also unmute them from this same view. To learn more about muting contacts, please click here.




In this section, you will be able to view audience members who have shared your Signup block. Simply click on the the Registrant's name to view who they shared it with. This is also where you can also view any other traffic sources to your Signup.




If any Links were included in your Signup confirmation message, you can find the analytics on how those links have performed as illustrated in the photo below:




Quickly track how many SMSMMS, and/or Emails have been off this Signup here.


Keep in mind the following items for monthly SMS, MMS, and Email usage:

  • Each month our Growth plan allows for 200 SMS, 100 MMS, and 25k emails.
  • Say goodbye to limits on our Pro plan with 2000 SMS, 1000 MMS, and 50k Emails.