How to Setup a Template in Sends

If you have a set of recurring sms or email messages, we recommend setting up a template using a simple workflow like the one we have outlined below. Let's get started!

How to Create a Template

  • Go to Sends and select the +New option.
  • Select if this will be an SMS or Email message.
  • If you select SMS, enter in your desired messaging.
    • Note that if you select email, you'll need to first enter in a subject + preview text.
  • For the recipients, we recommend choosing yourself or creating a test contact.
    • This is a Q/A measure to ensure messages only go out to the intended recipients.
  • THIS IS IMPORTANT --- Save the message as a draft.

Here is an example of what the draft's folder looks like with built out templates:

Image 5-16-23 at 12.10 PM


How to Send an SMS or Email from a Template

  • Once the above-mentioned steps have been completed, it's time to use the template.
  • Now, you'll duplicate the drafted message and make any edits for today's usage.
  • Once you've made any needed updates, you can go ahead and send it out!