How can I use my Norby phone number with my US, Canada, and International community?

You can use your phone number with users in many different countries, but there are some differences to be aware of.

Norby is a US-based company and all of our phone numbers are currently local to the US or Canada.

When you subscribe to the Growth or Pro plan, you’ll be assigned a phone number. If you’d like to change your number to a specific area code, send us an email at

Two-way SMS Text Messages in US & Canada

All Norby phone numbers allow you to send and receive two-way SMS text messages with your audience in the US and Canada. That means you can send both SMS campaigns as well as messages to individual contacts, and they can reply to your messages so you can have a conversation. Please note that shared Norby phone numbers only allow for outgoing SMS text messages.

One-way International SMS Text Message Campaigns 

Norby will also assign you an International Alphanumeric Sender, which will be an uppercase version of your username by default (e.g. “MYCOMPANY”).

Alphanumeric Senders enable one-way international SMS communication with countries where it’s supported. Currently, limited countries are supported; you can see the full list here.

Your Alphanumeric Sender will allow you to collect signups from international phone numbers and send one-way outbound campaigns in both the US and Canada as well as other countries. When you send an SMS broadcast to a segment that includes international contacts, those contacts will seamlessly receive the text via the Alphanumeric Sender instead of your US or Canada-based local number. Your international contacts will see your Alphanumeric Sender (e.g. “MYCOMPANY”) instead of your local phone number when they receive your text.

All of this should work seamlessly – you won’t have to differentiate between your US and Canada-based contacts and your international contacts – but you should be aware that international support is one-way only.

If a member of your audience responds back to your one-way SMS campaign you will not receive those responses. To be transparent with your audience you can note in your SMS campaign that replies to the text message will not be seen.

Updating Your Alphanumeric Sender

You can update and personalize your Alphanumeric Sender by heading to Account & Settings in the upper right hand corner of your dashboard and then navigating to Settings.

International SMS Billing 

International SMS is billed according to your usage. You can find more information on which countries are supported by which carriers alongside our pricing for International SMS here. 

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*Updated 1/24/2023*