Can I export phone numbers from Norby? Can I gain direct access to phone numbers?

Our aim is to enable thoughtful communications between you and the end user, and to protect data and privacy particularly when it comes to phone numbers and SMS. We also have legal and compliance obligations. To abide by those and to remain compliant with TCPA (Telephone Consumer Protection Act) phone numbers are not made available on contacts. The TCPA carries heavy fines and penalties for messaging an end user without consent. Consent has only been granted to text via Norby, through our platform. We have clear opt-out and opt-in policies in place to ensure compliance. 

You can export all other data (name, email, any other information you’ve collected) about your contacts from Norby. Of course, we understand there are legitimate reasons to want to export contacts’ phone numbers, and we are currently working on an opt-in module that will allow you to do so while still remaining fully compliant with TCPA. Please check back here for further updates on this. If you have additional questions please reach out to