Using your Inbox

Norby’s omnichannel Inbox is your one-stop-shop for managing audience communications and analytics. We’re continuing to add new integrations to ensure you can see all of your conversations in one place.

You are able to do the following tasks within the Norby Inbox.


Two-way SMS: SMS and MMS is powered by your Norby phone number, which you can find on your Dashboard. When you send group SMS through Event notifications or Sends, you’ll receive individual replies in the Inbox. Once someone replies, you can start a two-way SMS conversation.

Two-way email: Norby now offers two-way email functionality. This means that you can send emails from your Norby email address (e.g., and receive messages from your email contacts. All incoming emails will appear in your Norby inbox. If you prefer to re-direct replies to a separate email address, you can set a designated reply-to email address in your Account Settings. You can also set your reply-to email at the bottom of the text editor when you are composing your message in the Inbox or on the Sends page.


Instagram DM's: You can receive and respond to your Instagram DM's from the Norby inbox. If you would like to setup the Instagram integration, click here.

Contact management: You can edit contacts, add avatars, give them nicknames, attach new emails, and more! Any changes you make here will be reflected in your Contacts list.

Audience activity: You'll see contacts' activity inline with their email and SMS messages, so you always have relevant context for a given exchange. For instance, you might see activity items like: "Sam registered for your event," "Nick signed up for your newsletter," or "Steven clicked on your link."

  • You can even seamlessly monitor play counts in your contact’s activity for Youtube and Spotify blocks. Get more data-driven insights from your audience.