What email domain does Norby use?

Norby uses several different domains to send email communications, account alerts, and system notifications.

Emails you send using Norby

All emails you send using the Norby platform will come from one of two domains:

  • mynorby.com for accounts on the Free tier
  • norbymail.com for accounts with a paid plan

This includes emails you send through:

  • One-on-one conversations in the Norby inbox
  • Confirmation messages for notifications on events and signups
  • Marketing emails sent via Sends

Your Norby email address will automatically be assigned based on your Norby subdomain. For example, if your Norby URL is yourname.nor.by, your Norby email will be yourname@mynorby.com or yourname@norbymail.com (depending on whether you have a paid plan or not).


You can receive incoming emails directly to your Norby email address or to a reply-to email address that you designate. This means that when someone sends an email to your Norby email address (e.g. yourslug@norbymail.com), it will show up in your Norby inbox. 


To specify your reply-to email address, simply navigate to the bottom of the text editor when composing a message in the Inbox or the Sends page, or access your Account Settings. Norby supports full HTML emails with inline images for a seamless email experience.


You can review the email limits for your account by viewing our pricing page.

Email Login Notifications

When logging into Norby using your email address, login verification codes will come from noreply@system.withnorby.com. If you did not receive a code, please check your spam folder.

Official Norby Communications

You will receive system notifications and official announcements from a withnorby.com email address. In the past, these messages came from a norby.live email address.


If you ever receive a Norby email from a domain not listed above, do not open the email or click any links in it. Please report the email as spam and disregard the message.