Muting Contacts

You can mute individual contacts within segments. Once you mute someone, they will not receive any Email or SMS notifications for the Event or Signup where they initially submitted their information.

To mute a contact, follow the steps listed below:

  1. Navigate to the Analytics for the unique Event or Signup where you want to mute a contact.
  2. In the Audience window of the Event or Signup Analytics, find and select the contact you’d like to mute.
  3. Once you select a contact their User Detail page will open. You will find Mute Texts and/or Mute Email buttons at the bottom of the page depending on the notifications you set for the Event or Signup. You can Mute and Enable notifications here for that contact at any time.

Note: You can unmute contacts by going through these same steps.

You can override muted contacts when you are sending  Email or SMS by selecting Include Muted Recipients in the Review & Send stage of the Sends workflow.