Norby & Instagram Integration - FAQ's

After you have integrated your Norby & Instagram accounts, the following answers will ensure your accounts stay connected without any interruptions or issues.

"Am I able to change permissions that give Norby access to my contacts & messages after I have set up the integration?"

When it comes to turning off access to contacts and/or messaging, please keep in mind that this will cause the flow of data to be paused and thus interrupted from that point forward. However, any message and analytics history will remain in your Norby account. If you decide to turn off access to either contacts or messages (or both of them), you'll be able to turn this permissions back on at any point. After turning permissions back on, any data from the time-period of disconnection will retroactively populate within your Norby account.


"If I have multiple Instagram Business or Instagram Creator accounts, can I switch which of those accounts I have linked to my Norby account?"

Our integration with Instagram only allows for one account to be linked with Norby. If you need to change the account that was used during the integration process then you will have to disconnect your Norby account's integration and start over to add the other account.