Flagged Content and Wording

Read on to learn about flagged content on Norby.

To stay in compliance with carrier guidelines, Norby users must follow certain rules with respect to content and messaging. Protecting our community is always a priority at Norby, so these rules and restrictions have been put in place to ensure a safe environment for our users and their audiences.

The use of the following words/types of language will be flagged if used which result in content being removed from your Norby page/s and drafted in your account. Avoid using these words to prevent this from happening: 

  • CBD
  • Cannabis 
  • Marijuana 
  • Hate speech or discriminatory language of any kind  

If you try to send a SMS campaign with any of those words, you’ll notice it will be flagged and won’t be sent. Similarly, if you use any of those words in an SMS confirmation message for any of your events or signups, or in an SMS notification that gets sent when an event is starting, you’ll see your content will be flagged until you remove that word. 

For now, we’re asking brands in cannabis related spaces to be creative – putting spaces or characters between letters (e.g. “C B D”) or use plant emojis, etc. Until this issue is resolved with phone carriers, know that we’re fully committed to serving all the communities on Norby and we're working to find a better long-term solution. Note that this only applies to SMS, not email campaigns.

Thank you for being mindful!