Creating a Sends Campaign

You can quickly setup a Sends campaign in Norby. Whether you choose Email or SMS for the delivery vehicle, you'll be able to engage with your audience members in a personalized manner.

How to Create a Send

  • From the left-hand navigation menu, select Sends.
  • Next, you'll want to select the +New option in the right hand corner.
  • This will prompt you to choose a segment, which can be either a:
    • Event
    • Signup

How to Filter a Send

If registration for the event or signup contained custom fields you can filter based on your audience member's response to the question you asked them.

      • Choose the Filter option.
        Image 11-21-22 at 2.45 PM
      • Now select the + Add a field option.
        Image 11-21-22 at 2.47 PM
      • To finish, pick the question and filtering logic (contains or is exactly).
        Image 11-21-22 at 2.48 PM
      • If you want to add additional logic, choose + Add a field and repeat.

How to Format a Send

You have two options for the delivery method of a Norby send:

    • Email
    • SMS

How to Compose a Send


Email Sends require a subject and message (please note that emails have a 25,000 character limit). We have a setup an example email for you below:

Image 11-21-22 at 3.13 PM

SMS Sends have many uses. One of them can be for directing traffic to a signup or event. Here is an example of how keyword registration can be utilized on Norby:

Image 11-21-22 at 3.16 PM

Note that you can add an attachment (ex: image or GIF) to your SMS message. If you choose to do this it will be sent as an MMS message.


How to Schedule a Send


You have the option of sending the message immediately or in the future. In the situation where you would like to schedule it to be sent in the future, you will be prompted to choose a date and time as shown in the example below:

Image 11-21-22 at 3.23 PM

Review and Schedule


Before a send campaign is sent you will be able to review things like list size (number of recipients), format (sms or email), schedule (delivery time), and, if the format is email, subject. We've got an example of this for you below:

Image 11-21-22 at 3.26 PM

If everything looks correct, we'll go ahead and hit Schedule to confirm the campaign. However, if edits are needed we'll want to simply hit the Back button.


Next Steps


Any replies to your sends campaign will be viewable in your Norby inbox. You can continue the conversation from there via two-way sms or respond to their email.


Also keep in mind that once Send has been sent, you'll be able to review the campaigns performance via Norby's analytics tool. To learn more about how this feature works, click here.