Claiming a Norby Phone Number

If you are on Norby's Growth or Pro plans, you have the option to claim a phone number included in your monthly subscription. We'll review how to claim a phone number in this help article, please read on below:


As you apply for your Norby phone number, we'll keep you updated on your progress via the dashboard and email. Check back often for status updates. The application process consists of five stages.

Claim Your Number

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To claim your Norby phone number, click the claim your number option and then complete the on-screen walkthrough to submit your application to the telecom providers. It should only take 1-2 minutes for you to complete the phone number application but if you have any questions or need assistance, please reach out to our Customer Success team at or submit a ticket in the help center.


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Once you've submitted your application, your account will enter a "Pending" state. This typically lasts only a few minutes before it transitions to the "In Review" state. While your account is in the "Pending" state, your phone number has already been set up and can be seen on your Norby dashboard. However, please note that it's currently disabled and not ready for use.

Your new Norby phone number will be displayed inside your account here:

Norby Phone Number

In Review


Your application will then move into the "In Review" state shortly after submission.  During this phase, you can start using your phone number, but there are some limitations in place.
  • Norby lets you send up to 2000 messages per day or 6000 messages per week, but please be aware that these limits may fluctuate depending on the carrier of the person receiving messages.
  • Some carriers may filter your messages anyway because you’re not officially approved.

    The "In Review" period can vary, lasting approximately 3 weeks or more.


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Once you've been fully approved, you can use your phone number without any daily or weekly messaging restrictions, unless you misuse it, in which case carriers have their own methods for detection. You'll receive an email notifying you of your approval, and on your dashboard, you'll see an approval message for 2 days, after which it will disappear.


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If, unfortunately, your application is rejected, you'll receive an in-app notification and an email explaining the reasons for the rejection. You'll also have the opportunity to resubmit your application to address the issues mentioned in the notification. Please note that the specific reasons for rejection will be detailed in the in-app notification on your customer dashboard.

Our customer success team will be in contact with you via email if there any issues with your phone number application. We appreciate you helping us, help you!


Non-Profit Phone Number Registration

If you are a registered non-profit, please complete the phone number application linked here. The timeline for registration will be the same as listed above once we have all of the necessary information to supply the telecom providers. If you have any questions, please contact our customer success team via email or submit a ticket to the help center.


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