Can I set up appointment booking on Norby?

You can utilize Norby's events feature to set up appointment booking on your landing page. We recommend using this setup flow for optimal utilization of resources.

1.)   Create Your Events 
    1. When setting up your event set a capacity for 1 if this is a 1x1 appointment.
    2.  If the events will be virtual, make sure you have the Zoom integration.
    3. If you would like to charge for the session, set up ticketing or donations.

2.)   Create a Dedicated Landing Page
    1. Set up a specific landing page to host all of your available sessions.
    2. Utilize the List of events block type to showcase those sessions.


3.)   Create a Link on Your Main Landing Page

    1. On your Norby account's main landing page, link out to your booking page.
    2. Utilize the Link block type and create a new link.
    3. In the point to section, select page and then choose your booking page.

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